UPLIFT Desk manufactures height adjustable desks, seating, and office accessories - designed by our in-house engineers - to provide the best in quality, function, and ergonomic benefits. With endless combinations of desktop choices and accessories, it’s easy to create a sit-stand workstation perfectly suited to your needs, all at an unbeatable price, with the best warranty in the business.

Established in 2002, Human Solution is one of the largest providers of ergonomic furniture and work accessories. Our founder is a Certified Professional Ergonomist with a Master’s in mechanical engineering, and we’re staffed by experts who use our products every day. We focus on providing personalized advice and exceptional products at fair prices.

With their distinctive look, excellent adjustability, famous lumbar support, and exceptional comfort, Ergohumans are among the most popular ergonomic chairs on the market. As the largest Ergohuman dealer in the world, we provide world-class customer service, short lead times, and full warranty support.